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About us

Hi, I’m Annie...

And I’ve created The Best Life Kids to provide parents with the tools to help them develop happy, emotionally intelligent children.

My range of tools and products will support you in equipping your children with the essential emotional life skills they’ll need to manage the challenges that day to day life throws at them, as well as building their confidence and resilience as they grow as children and into young adults.  

I started developing these tools after having my twin girls, Lois and Emmie, in 2015. As an accredited EQ-i practitioner and qualified training professional, I’ve been running personal leadership training programmes to help adults develop their emotional intelligence for many years now. After I had the girls, I realised very quickly that many of the skills I’ve been teaching adults for years not only apply in parenting, but are also easily adapted for children, and so, The Best Life Kids was born. 

For children, many of their emotional intelligence skills can be developed in everyday situations. A perfect example of this is empowering them with the responsibility of picking their outfit for the day. I’m sure everyone can say they’ve had the frustrating battle with their child when they want to wear their favourite Christmas jumper on the hottest day of the year! This usually ends up with you feeling terrible, and quite frankly, emotionally drained and them feeling useless, which isn’t a good outcome for you or your child.

My range of simple and free, downloadable tools will support you in developing the building blocks your child needs to navigate through the emotional rollercoaster that is life, all while making your life easier and happier too!

Please take a look at the range of tools currently available and help your children to start living their Best Life.